Just asking

HEY i want to use android on my zorin there are many emulator
but which emulator should i prefer
requirements for emulator

  1. i want to use and root apps modded apks
  2. i want to use normal apps

specificaton of my laptop
zorin os 16 education
i5 3rd generation
intel onboard graphics
storage 256gb ssd
ram 4gb ddr 3

You can try and install anbox
Install Anbox — Anbox documentation
just try genymotion

I'd recommend getting Waydroid to run.

Waydroid is a way to boot Android in a container
it's somewhat experimental, though overall it works pretty well, and their documentation has a guide specifically for Zorin 16.x

By default, it will run LineageOS 17.1 Vanilla/Gapps (Depending on what you chose)
However, there are methods of running Magisk and Arm64 translation libraries on it to further extend it's functionality (for details, try asking in their telegram chat)


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