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I am not happy with the way the board is currently heading ..... this is supposed to be a board about computing especially Zorn OS ..... not about your pet peeves about social and world event topics ..... there are plenty of sites out there that deal with these topics .....

For this reason I am taking a break from this board for my own sanity .... I thought long and hard about just leaving but decided the least I could do is explain why .....


I am sorry to hear that, but I understand where you are coming from. I am frustrated that there is political fighting even in the Zorin OS community. For example, some people show off distros and web browsers as status symbols when they are nothing more than tools. They should realize that their actions are disrespectful and hurting others.

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This thread is one big source of confusion for me.

I do not understand how a Distro or Web browser is a status symbol. Normally, a status symbol comes with expense and are hard to get - which is what makes them status symbols.
Can you please clarify?

I do not understand how you are saying that the Zorin OS Forum is heading in some kind of a direction.
I am aware of only Two Threads lately that might fall into what you describe.

One was an off topic post made in the Browsers thread that I moved Off the main forum. Two users complained about that action. I then moved it to a sub forum they could access but it ended up moderated and closed due to the posts breaking down to arguing and the topic being Off Topic of the forum as a whole.
So - we cannot say that this is indicative of the direction the board is heading since it was moderated and closed.

The other thread had views and opinions in regards to the hijacking of the Ubuntu 23.10 .iso. This hijacking included antisemitic commentary as well as homophobic commentary that some of us spoke against.
This is the only remaining thread that fits into "not about your pet peeves about social and world event topics". That thread has been short and had few comments made, really. And none of the comments press any views on World Event Topics, even though World Event Topics clearly created the situation Ubuntu found itself in. The thread is computing related.

It raises a lot of confusion in me as to the assertion that you just made.

There are a large number of people that privately have expressed to the forum concerns about keeping the forum language family friendly and inclusive of all people.
Their kids.
Their families.
Themselves. Several programmers who have opened up about the pain of living daily life feeling isolated and disrespected by a society that shunned them merely for existing... and the gratitude they have felt and finding a Safe and Helpful place in this forum. Where they do not have to be fearful or worry about hateful words or being judged just for asking for help or discussing the computer community and related issues.

Perhaps there is a different thread that I missed - by all means please link to it if it needs moderation.
Perhaps that link may make this thread... make sense.


I guess you haven't met Arch Users :grin:


For the record:
@Hackgets did send me clarification and the clarification makes a great deal of sense to me. However, he chose to not elaborate in thread due to the potential of it being contentious and given that the O.P. expresses frustration about contentious things... well... I get that, too.
For the curious readers though, that think the same question: I assure you it makes sense in context and if you read @Kayjzjzk 's reply above and follow the logic, you will get there.
e.g. It is not that a Web Browser is a status symbol, it is that some are treated as if they were, resulting in arguing and fighting about which browser we should all be trusting.

'Nuff said.

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Gday @Frog
Sorry these non related topic's & any other topics of late, have stressed you out.
Please take your time, but please don't leave the site!!!
You are a very valued member, not just in your helping others, but also in your support to others, this to me has a VERY high value to the forum.
And mostly your humour & wit, :slight_smile: xoxo

Of late due to my health issue's, The Humour thread
is the main reason for my popping in most days, just to read the jokes. (yes & Mod work if needed :slight_smile: )

Take care Frog, miss ya already.

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