Kaffeine status indicator on Zorin panel

I use Kaffeine with a WINTV card to record OTA programs. I keep it always running, or it would not be active to execute my scheduled recordings. When active there are two black squares on the Zorin panel. On the far left is one just like any application that is running. On the right is a smaller black square immediately to the left of the Universal access icon. That one is also always visible if Kaffeine is running. When I used WMC on windows, there was a status indicator that changed to red when WMC was recording.

My questions. If the status indicator doesn’t do anything why is it there? Can it be configured to display status? If not, can it be removed from the panel?
Thanks, Ed

With experimentation, I discovered that Gnome tweaks, Extensions, Zorin kstatusnotifieritem/appindicator support set to OFF removed the extraneous panel indicator.