KDE on Zorin 16!

I now have 5.22.5 - on Artix! :sunglasses:

Soundtrack from Kalax to go with the desktop:


Well guess what? It appears KDE has gone down the same route as those clueless fools at Gnome - Pulse Audio is embedded in 5.22! According to someone on Artix forum they have managed to remove all pulseaudio with the exception of libpulse to prevent breaking the system. The archwiki is quite lengthy on sound config!
I can see I have got my retired work cut out!

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I suspect, they will keep us all busy, for a long time...

What's the issue with Pulse Audio? It's a part of the system, why do you want to rip it out?

Haha nice! We should call it Korin!

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Partly because it was written by the same guy that wrote systemd and partly because as a professional musician on the Devuan forum states that all it does is add bloatware and latency. Plus I want to be able to have a system that I control. That is the whole point of GNU/Linux - power to the users, not the corporates like Red Hat who want to be the Microsoft of the Linux world = bloatware!

Problem with Cinnamon is it relies on Pulse audio. :nauseated_face:

SWARF!!! has more Linux skill then most of us, its well within his means to rip out a key component that would break his system, then replace it with something else, and have his system working normally again.

If I tried to do that, I'd be at a white screen of death before you can say by Granthars hammer, by the sons of woven, I avenge you.

Sound like a arch linux person hahaha. Hi @swarfendor437 :cowboy_hat_face:

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I want the win 11 start menu on zorin OS Core but I don't want to install KDE can u give some ideas?

I replaced mine with Pipewire. I don't think removing PulseAudio will break KDE, did it break? Personally I find it indistinguishable.

I still use Pulse on Zorin

You can install Arc-Menu Gnome Extension

Well my delving into Artix is slowly coming to an end - I can install the printer but can't print from it. Discovered if I used the HP/Jet Direct on Devuan, no issues, but I still think that the fact that Canon is not listed in the Printers section is the issue. Perhaps I ought to go back to Amiga Shell ... I was just getting to grips with that when I took delivery of a PC running Windows 95 and started gaming instead of computing ... and they said the Amiga was just a game's machine! Perhaps I will end up going off-line permanently, back to my first love! ...
and 14 Inch Philips Monitor

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That looks like an IBM keyboard. I just wanted to let you know, those original IBM keyboards have a cult following for a good reason. They alone sell on Ebay more then a brand new Chromebook sometimes.

And if you can get that old computer running properly, it can easily be worth 800 dollars or more on the collectors market as well. LGR on Youtube often covers these old machines and talks about that.

This method don't break the system ?
Is safe to use ? I want KDE Plasma on my Zorin os.

I think @Aravisian is the one to ask for how to install alternative desktops on Zorin.

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No it won't break the system - you just have another option at login to the default one - look for the cog bottom right of screen to change DE before logging in.

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No, it's an Amiga Keyboard, A's instead of Windows keys!

Plus the Amiga never needed a y2k fix - it's processor runs up to 2099! I know, I checked mine!

Thank you for posting that ... I'll give it a try ... tried yesterday to use some instructions and commands from the internet but it ended in disaster ... got a message the said "something went wrong ... please reboot" ... got that each time I clicked on the Cinnamon icon in the Zorom/System Tools ... hope I have better luck with this install ... LOL