Kernel 6.0 on Zorin OS

I just installed Linux Kernel 6.0 on Zorin OS and I can say it runs pretty stable after getting some kinks out.

I upgraded from 5.19 because 5.19 isn't supported anymore.

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Hey, great to hear.

What were the kinks you encountered, just so we know what to possibly expect?

Software index may become broken, but it can be fixed using sudo apt --fix-broken install. At least, using the method I followed, which was --

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa

sudo apt update

sudo apt install -y mainline

-- installing Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer (compatible with Zorin, which is obviously Ubuntu based, so don't let the name fool you)
And installing kernel 6.0 from there.

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It may be wise for most users to adhere to the vetted kernel supplied by Zorin OS.

Getting the latest kernel can carry regressions and other problems. Up to and including killing your system.
If a member desires the latest kernel - I highly recommend installing on a test build, first.


5.15? That kernel version is still being maintained, but I ended up upgrading to 5.19 because of audio issues I had.

But even though I've never experienced this, I have to agree with you there. That may (good chance) happen if one is careless when attempting to upgrade the kernel as it's a core part of the system.


Yes, for some users with certain hardware, upping to a newer kernel is the way to go.
We often do this on the forum, including recommending the very method you used for the mainline, recommending TuxInvaders mainline or... the Liqourix kernel.

For many users though, they do not need to. The kernel is a set of drivers and getting a set that carries drivers for hardware you do not need is redundant.
But getting the newest kernel is riskiest of all, since it has not had time to work out the bugs and regressions.
there was the incident where the Ubuntu Kernel Dev Team decided that we must be forced to upgrade to the later Ubuntu and wrote in a nonsensical dependency issue into the compiler. Interestingly, this was an issue that TuxInvader initially notified the Canonical Dev team about, then when realized that they had meant to do it and had no intention of fixing it, fixed himself in his mainline repository. Prior to TuxInvader making that easy on us all; I had been compiling kernel versions for higher than 5.13 for Zorin OS users on this forum if they needed it.

Upgrading the kernel only for the sake of seeing a higher number kernel in NeoFetch is a great way to end up on the forum asking for troubleshooting.


That's pretty interesting. So it's probably best if people stayed where they are kernelwise. I was just pointing out that I had upgraded. I mean for no recommendations here.

Yes and you can bookmark your post here to send to members that need the higher kernel as a recommendation to help them.

I doubt it would help this thread currently as that is more a Dell Driver issue than Linux...

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Kernel 5.19.12 had a few kinks of its own.

Kernel 5.19.12 and laptop LCD screens ... and maybe other issues

My migration to Zorin was for its stability and not for cutting edge or for fast tracking the latest release of anything. I will gladly stay with the releases as given by Zorin.

Mileage always.

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i tried to install kernel 5.16 to 5.19 last week. the kernel does not support for zorin os 16.1.

It can be so tempting to want the latest and greatest - I have a fairly new laptop (just out of warranty last month, a Lenovo Legion 5). I'd love a newer kernel, but I this one works pretty well, so I'm defininetly not fixing what isn't broken. I've been distrohopping for so long it's ridiculous - I don't like the default interface in Ubuntu, and love what the Zorin brothers did with this. Looking foward to version 17 which should be based on 22.04 IIRC?

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Harrumph ...... I don't need no stinking latest kernel to completely destroy my OS .... I can do it quite nicely on my own just like I did yesterday ..... completely FUBARed my complete OS .... still trying to put the pieces back together after a HD format and reinstall .... this make twice in the past week .... #%&*@$^+ ..... I'm getting good ..... nuf said back to work ..... :face_holding_back_tears:


Aaahhhh, the joys of being a linux user, lol. Think we've all been in this position at least once, in some capacity ... reinstalling to fix our mess... :roll_eyes: :wink: :blush:


The problem when you updates a kernel it gived you some packages are not correct version. The longest kernel support is 5.15.x to the 2027
The rocky linux is support to 2032 but they are very old packages - server distribution.
Updated to newest kernel maybe gived you some good things but if not supported then you don't get security updates and fixed bugs from developer that distribution i mean Zorin OS

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