Kernel is not patched for FSYNC

Greetings All,
hope everyone is well.
Happy to say that everything has been running smoothly since last November and no complaints about the O/S.
Today though, right after i did a few updates, attempting to launch BLIZZARD AP within LUTRIS and now getting the error message,

" Your Kernel is not patched for FSYNC. Please get a patched Kernel to use FSYNC"

Has anyone encountered this before ?
Pretty sure something changed during the last update as this was working fine before.
Thought i would put it out there.

Thanks in advance,


I by-passed the setting by disabling Fsync within the Blizzard APP in LUTRIS
Doesn't seem to have made any noticeable difference in my game-play so far.
Would still like to know why the error occurred to begin with.

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I am not sure, either. But did find this discussion:

As well as:

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Thank you for the response,
i ended up installing it again,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:damentz/liquorix && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install linux-image-liquorix-amd64 linux-headers-liquorix-amd64

everything seems to be working fine at the moment with FSYNC enabled once again, still strange as to why it was removed to begin with, anywhere ive been reading is indicating that this is a feature installed with the kernel itself, the last update obviously removed/disabled it somehow .


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