Keyboard and the Whole System Freezing!

I recently asked for help regarding adding a permanent wallpaper and removing the blurry mountain from my login Screen.

After that I am Facing a Problem of my keyboard Hanging (mouse working) and their is a dialogue box type of screen in the center of my screen, Probably the failed to open application one.

I restored everything but after a while the dialogue box screen says failed to open xfce-screenshoter(no such file in directory), But, I purged it and I think the computer is receiving a command to open it continuously. Making it hang.

it fixes after a restart then comes back after IDK something.

This is really frustrating, I created this post in nearly 2 restarts :cry:

Please Any one has Solutions?????????

What about your keyboard status?

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I have a laptop in which the I disabled the internal keyboard and the external keyboard is ,
wait a minute the internal keyboard is active (problem). Is there a way to permanently stop it. I used the xinput method but it reactivates after a restart.

I am Currently real busy, But I think someone will soon give you a Solution for

How to Disable Internal Keyboar Permanently :smile:

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I did a websearch and found this.

Maybe you have already seen it as second answer (not hardware one) proposes fix using xinput, but someone commented that it does not hold after a restart, like you discovered. But there is another fix proposed after that, which may be worth a try.


If there is no Permanent Hard ware damage, Try Cleaning the Hardware or,

To Disable the Keyboard

xinput list

note ID in Front of AT Translated Set 2 keyboard

xinput float (AT Translated Set 2 keyboard ID)

That Should Do the Trick, Temporarily :smile:


I Tried Something else before and I definitely didn't want to tease grub. So, this works for me :smile:

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