Keyboard Granda-D860 does not work peroperly

Hi there,

i installed the zorin os, i guess it is the lite version, for my parents after they had a scam attack on their windows PC.

Until now it seemed everything fine, but after some days my parents found out, that any sign but letters and numbers on the keyboard are located where they should not be.

They have a senior keyboard, large letters and illuminated called Granda-D860. Settings unter language are set at "Deutsch" and input is set on "deutsch QWERTZ", which I thought was right.

Are there any solutions without any command line nerd special operations? :wink:


What is the make and model of the computer?
I agree, having both set the same should be right. For now, assuming the computer is not a Mac, we must assume that another configuration file is harboring the wrong regional layout.
You might try:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Follow all the prompts.
Please keep us posted; that can be a very annoying problem.

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