Keyboard Shortcut to make windows occupy left or right pane

Hello all,
Am new to Zorin & was using Ubuntu.

What’s the keyboard shortcut for making App Windows use half screen… left or right. I used Super & Left /Right Arrow keys and they aren’t working.

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Hi, technewbie.
All shortcuts are under Zorin menu->Settings->Devices->Keyboards. But that is for Core, if you’re using Lite, the path may be different.
Try ctrl+super+left/right arrow.

@carmar solution is correct.
I want to add that, make sure super key is mapped to display activities overview instead of zorin menu.
Even if zorin menu works, sometimes causes problems.

For anyone that the Super + Left or Right shortcut didn’t work for on Zorin Lite, following AZorin’s response in the link below solved it for me:

Steps 1-3 disables the “start menu” shortcut, which interfered with any super-key shortcuts .
I personally kept the menu-shortcut and changed it to Super + Spacebar.

Aravisian also includes a useful link for other shortcuts at the bottom of his first response.

Here is the link to @AZorin specific post on the subject: