Keyring credential access during cron script

I'm trying to setup this script which allows you to download photos/videos from your iCloud account. I have the script working beautifully when its ran manually but automating it via on the CRON on a schedule is proving troublesome.

I'm familiar with working with CRONs and I know sometimes people can slip-up in there with relative or absolute paths etc. I'm using absolute paths to everything in there.

The script relies on a credential (for my iCloud) which is stored within the Keyring, as I say the script runs successfully if ran manually and it does not prompt me for any iCloud usernames or passwords because it retrieves them from the keyring successfully - the problem is when I run the same script as the same user (me) then it seemingly doesn't retrieve the credential from the keyring, instead the script asks for a iCloud password and exits.

Does anyone know if anything special has to be done to invoke or call-upon a credential stored within the Keyring when using a CRON task in Zorin?

Thank you for your time and help.

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