Korean Datetime displays are incorrect

The Korean datetime format (Settings and Taskbar) has been broken for some time. I recently reinstalled ZorinOS and I see the issue doesn't seem to be local.

The taskbar's datetime format is missing a character

 2008-02-05T18:30:30 -->  2월 5일
 1995-12-22T09:05:02 --> 12월 22일
-0010-09-15T04:44:23 -->  9월 15일

The format for the date in the Settings has many issues. The time aspect is good (But the AM/PM indicator might??? come before the time)

 2008-02-05T18:30:30 --> 2008년 2월 5일
 1995-12-22T09:05:02 --> 1995년 12월 22일
-0010-09-15T04:44:23 -->  -10년 9월 15일

Does this article help at all?

It may well be a case of poor translation by Ubuntu devs? (Zorin 16 is a fork of Ubuntu 20.04).

Sorry, I mean there is a bug within the display format within Zorin OS.

  1. The Taskbar date format is wrong (missing 일)
  2. The Settings Date and Time date format is wrong (wrong ordering + missing 년 and 일)

The Region and Language's Format Setting page all show correct formats, though.

Where can I find more information about how this is implemented within Ubuntu?

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So I changed my system language to Korean, and the formats were correct. Does Ubuntu use the datetime format string based on your system language TC_TIME content? (Even though the Korean locale TC_TIME content has these assigned)

$ cat /etc/timezone

<!-- The following datetime displays resemble those in the screenshot -->

<!-- Taskbar datetime format -->
<!-- 9월 26 22:53 -->
$ ls -l --time-style=locale  /etc/timezone
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 11  9월 26 22:53 /etc/timezone

<!-- Settings Date & Time format -->
<!-- Emulate en_US TC_TIME datetime format as close as possible -->
<!-- 26 9월 2023 10:53 오후 -->
$ ls -l --time-style=+"%d %b %Y %I:%M %p" /etc/timezone
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 11 26  9월 2023 10:53 오후 /etc/timezone

Changing the system language is not a solution for me, though.

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