KVM virt-manager Move/resize VM volume

I am trying to not dual boot Zorin so I installed Windows using QEMU and virt-manager. I underestimated the amount of space I would need to run in, now I need to increase the size of the VM. I did some research and it seems like the VMs are stored in /var/lib/libvert/images but when I ls that directory I get No such file or directory. When I look at my home directory it lists ‘VirtMan VMs’ in single quotes which I’m guessing means it is a symlink or something but I don’t know how to find the actual files. I have 79G free in /home but only 3.5G free in /.

So I’m trying to do two things. Move my existing VM (named win10) to the volume that has a lot of space, then increase the size of the VM from about 35G to maybe 45G.



Don’t know if this helps but here goes: http://woshub.com/kvm-expand-shrink-vm-disk/

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Thanks for your reply carmar. Worked like a charm!

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