Lack of communication between the Zorin OS team and users

Hello, I write here from Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.
I'm a Zorin Core 17.1 user and I think the system is fantastic!
The best Linux distribution in my opinion.
But I think there is a little lack of communication between the Zorin team and the users, maybe a monthly blog post about upcoming Zorin OS news.
Strong hug!


Hi, and welcome!

Yes, this unfortunately has been brought up quite a bit, especially in the last few weeks. But we can only hope...

I'm changing the thread from Chat about Zorin to Feedback just so that it gets picked up by the developers and hopefully see this.


Does the Pro version not have this support? Welcome and I'm from RJ

Gday @Salomon ,
Yes Pro purchases, can get assistance installing the OS.

Any other issue's that may happen, are further more answered here on the forum, by many volunteers.

Zorin OS also have a Blog ..
Hope this helps.

Staff do read the Feedback posts, & a lot of fixes have evolved from this.

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An announcement about Zorin Lite should be made on the blog as well.

I am more of the opinion that modern society places an overemphasis on communication. I have to clarify that I think this is because I am not a good communicator, though.

Communication is a means to an end, and the end is more important than the means. So I think it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the project between the developer and the user, and there should be no lies there. As long as those are satisfied, I will be happy.

And I also think that we should not be too attached to the means to achieve that end. Specifically, the components used in the Zorin OS. They often cause heated controversy, but I have not had many beneficial experiences with them. I am not obsessed with continuing to use even Zorin OS because it is what I need to do to keep my peace of mind.

I think that this indeed is the general consensus.
Users are not requesting friendly chats, they are requesting product updates and roadmaps - Communication that delivers that "end" you refer to.

It is inevitable that users be attached to the components that make up the system.
There are reasons that users enjoy GnuLinux and those reasons are inescapably tied to the components.
Without an attachment to those components, we relinquish all control over our desktops and may as well return to Microsoft.

User feedback and preferences are critical to successful products.
The GnuLinux community is not, in itself, impugning on the peace of mind of any particular individual by having feedback, preferences, suggestions or opinions.


Gday @Hackgets & @robsonpf ,

The announcement isn't on the Blog page , but is on their official website.