Language not converting

I am using ibus avro which converts english language to bangla language(local) , i am writing a script in google docs, few words became converted then rest of the words became unfinished (which dont convert to english) , how to fix this problem? it fixes after restating but it occurs again and again

There have been a couple of known bugs with this package, so the first thing I would recommend testing is a simple:

sudo apt install --reinstall ibus-avro

Followed by a full reboot and test.

If that does not do it, the candidate selections json file might be corrupted. Remove it:

rm ~/.candidate-selections.json

Then reboot and test...

not working , fixes for a short period

I have continued looking into this, but not using ibus-avro myself, my own experience is limited. Searching the web, I am finding little.
But I have not given up.

The above fixes it for a short period - but then it reverts?
this may be an important detail.

There are a few pointers here:

another ques, i have installed zorin 17 beta , when the main version release, should I have to download iso file again ? and install that?

No. The Z17 Core Beta should update to the production version of Z17 Core.
No need to download the .iso, but I would do that anyhow as a backup source.

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