Language Translation Feedback

@AZorin or @zorink I couldn't find how to contribute to zorin os so I'm helping you here.

It should be "Liez votre téléphone" instead of "Lié votre téléphone".

Hoping I could help this way.

Am I the only one who could not find easily how to contribute (translation, code contribution...) to this great project?

Even finding the source code is not trivial as it is mention in the "about" page instead of an "open source" page from the footer of the web page.


@FrenchPress I think this may be better moved to Feedback section?
I think it was yesterday when we had a post from a German language user offering German language corrections. Perhaps move and rename as "Language Translation Feedback and Corrections" or similar, as catch-all for reporting all non-English language defects.

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Good idea.
I will try.

Done! :star2:

Can you point me there?
I can do the same.


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That one is difficult to split or categorise under the language translation issue.

I prefer to wait for the OP to have a time and willingness to address this language translation issue.

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I thought the idea was to have one thread for all Language Translation Feedback. If agreed, you can loose the "(French)" part of the title.

I agree that Chikes post may be difficult to divide. Maybe leave it here as linked post for now, as that contains the language feedback regardless.

@FrenchPress you are quicker than Roadrunner beep beep.
You changed the title whilst I was still editing this post.

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I will do that.


It is because I have a short memory span.
If I do not get it done immediately, I might forget :face_with_monocle:


We might actually have two issues:
one being a translation done, but not fully correct (this is what I think FrenchPress has reported), one being different languages are mixed from within a particular window (that's my issue).

Actually it was @Thatoo, not me :sweat_smile:
I will ask other moderators' opinion regarding how we handle those language issues.

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