Laptopscreen dims when plugging in power

When I plug in power for my laptop, my screen dims to the lowest brightness possible, which is a bit weird and unwanted.
I couldn't find an option in the settings to change that behaviour, so I'm asking here if anyone knows how I can fix it.

Thanks in advance for any tips and ideas!

I'm not sure about this one, when you open Settings -> Power, do you see different values when you are running on battery and when plugged in? It could also be hardware related, what's your laptop's brand and model?

I can't seem to replicate it for now, weird. I'll wait till it happens again to describe what exactly happens.

I'm on an ASUS ROG G15 laptop iirc.

Is this AMD Graphics? It may have the vari-brightness control, if so.

No, Nvidia RTX 3050 laptop edition.

Gotcha. Well scratch that.

Do you recall if the battery was quite low when you plugged it into the charger?

As you could not replicate it, it really sounds like the power drain exceeded what the power supply could supply while also charging the battery up at the same time.

I've managed to replicate it twice now.

The screen goes to its lowest brightness when I haven't touched the brightness settings since start-up, and I plug in or unplug the power.

It's quite a weird bug, but nothing disturbing.

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