Launching live too slow from DVD boot

Hi all, I’m new and I’m going to try Zorin on a Pentium 4 with 512 Mb RAM. At the boot I can just select “Try or install Zorin”, and it takes very long to load the os. After several minutes the GUI is up, but everything is very very slow. I also checked (the other boot option) for any hardware issue and no one was found. Is there any way to skip the gui loading (maybe by editing the boot menu in some way) and directly install on hard drive, or is it recommended to install from the usb stick insted of dvd drive?
Thanks in advance

Which Zorin are you looking at, Core or Lite?
(I suspect you have gone for Lite, considering your limited amount of RAM.)

Live disk, whether DVD or USB, relies on RAM to operate, so with your 512Mb RAM it is not going to be fast.
You could try burning the ISO to a USB stick including some persistence. You can do that easily with Unetbootin. I don’t know if that may help overcome your limited onboard RAM.

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Unfortunately, it is what @zabadabadoo wrote. Even with USB, the RAM usage will be high. See:

Thanks for your reply. Yes it is the lite, I am now trying with usb stick and as I suspected now it is very better (not so fast but much faster than dvd). I hope that the whole process will go all right and that once installed the system will not be slower than xp… Now it is apparently stuck at the install screen, after choosing to wipe the disk and installing LVM … I hope the installation will unjam soon :crossed_fingers:

I recommend this when installing: Partitioning during installation

Also, If you are new to Zorin, I would suggest a download and read of @swarfendor437 's Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15. See here:

Thanks. Unfortunately the process remained stuck, I believe 512 Mb of RAM are not enough for this OS even if lite and booted from usb…