Left and Right click mouse button not working

I've tried different ports on the back of my motherboard, case, USBC hub. All produce the same problem.


I am pretty sure that aravisian is correct. Have you dropped the mouse, spoiled anything on it... thrown it in a fit of gaming rage? No need to admit to such here, but any of these things could damage the mouse. It may have been damaged in shipping. It is strange that it only happens on zorin though.

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WHY DO I NEED TO KEEP SAYING THIS? It is 100% a problem with my Zorin installation, not the mouse!! How many times more do you need me to tell you this! Just read above!!

He said it happens in Windows. He said it happens in BIOS.


There are no signals that Zorin can send to the mouse when you are Booted into Windows. They do not exist.
You are assuming something and then asserting it is fact.
Please read Here:

I understand your frustration. A high end piece of equipment is not working properly. From your perspective, it appears to have some connection with Zorin OS.

However, Zorin OS cannot send any signal to the mouse while you are booted into Windows. There is no means of doing so. This claim is akin to me saying that the battery in my car is sending a signal to my truck to make the radio not work. There is no medium that can allow this.

You just want your devices to work. And to work properly. The trouble is, the forum must be the same way. It must work smoothly and properly and if you don't like the advice you hear, it cannot be that you are permitted to be abusive to the volunteers that freely give their time and attention to assisting and helping you.

Thread temporarily closed (range of about 1 day) to allow a Cooling Off Period.
Please take that time to research how Plug n' Play hardware works on Windows and on Linux and independently verify the suggestions made to you in this thread. You do not have to just take anyones word for it here, you can cross reference and check.

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Fazzi, believe it or not, I do care about your issue, that the mouse is not working properly and I care about your experience on Zorin OS. I have no reason to lie to you.
You just want your stuff to work. That is frustrating.
And you See with your own eyes that the mouse doesn't work right on Zorin, but does after unplug and plug in. You see with your own eyes that it does not work on Windows too. I understand how that can appear.

But neither Zorin OS nor Windows OS send signals to the mouse. They only respond to signals from the mouse.
This is the Science.

Believing otherwise will not help you to find a solution to the issue. That it is not working correctly on Windows OS is the test and the demonstration that you need to know that the mouse is not properly working. That you tested it on multiple USB ports shows you that it is the mouse that is not properly working.
Zorin OS did not break your mouse because the mouse does not have Onboard Memory. There is nothing in Zorin OS that is capable of breaking your mouse.

This thread is now re-opened after some down time. Please remember the guidelines; keep the topics civil, without shouting and anger to keep all members comfortable and confident that the forum is a resource anyone can use.

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@Fazzi Most likely, I think your moose is faulty, maybe you can contact the manufacturer about the problem. If your having the problem even on Windows 10 that means it's not Zorin that is causing it.


Oh. My. God. Read above! Why am I still saying this anymore it seems like people just read the title and comment without seeing the actual issue! It works fine before I log in, on windows, bios, live USB. It only doesn't work after I log in. I think there's something starting when I log in to ZorinOS that makes this happen.
People who say it's a mouse problem haven't read correctly! It in fact DOES work in Windows and BIOS. But only if I don't log in to Zorin first. After I log in to Zorin, the left and right mouse buttons stop working until I unplug it and plug it back in.
I hope you understand my frustration about this situation. People like @Aravisian seem to be jumping to conclusions when they themselves don't know half the story. No, I didn't throw the mouse. I simply turned on my computer and this problem happened. I know it's something I have installed, and not the mouse itself, because it works completely fine in the LiveUSB.

The problem could be something to do with XOrg. How can I completely reset XOrg back to default to re setup everything? Maybe a config is broken somewhere like my screen resolution problem I was having earlier (now fixed?)


edit: I can even send a recording from my camera showing you this exact issue and proof that it does indeed work, just not after I log in.

I think you can reinstall Xorg by sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg I don't know am I right.

And don't get mad, man, your lucky we are even helping. Some people's thread just get abandoned I understand you want your device to work, but sometimes we might misinterpret what you're trying to say. So chill

Considering that my posts, unedited above yours, repeat what you have claimed, this is unlikely.
I am aware that you experience this issue after logging into Zorin OS. I am aware that you say that you experience it in Windows after logging into Zorin OS.

I think that this is what is misleading you. It gives an illusion that you are following.
As stated above, Zorin OS does not send any signal to the mouse.

You can try:

sudo apt install --reinstall xserver-xorg

The easy way of testing this is to remove your ~/.config directory, then reboot. This will create a new .config directory with all Default Settings (as if a fresh installation occurred.)
Rename ~/.config to .config-bkp. Then reboot and log in.
Having the -bkp config directory allows you to revert to your previous configurations.

I can only repeat:
Nothing On Zorin OS, absolutely nothing... No Config file, no setting, no Xorg, No Screen Resolution can affect your mouse operation On Windows or in BIOS. It is Not Possible.
It is possible that in the frustration, you mis-perceived the mouse as incorrectly working on Windows somehow... I think that is a stretch though.
Windows Does Not access the Zorin Configuration files on another partition. And BIOS most certainly does not.
As far as it is concerned, that stuff may as well be on your neighbors computer. It has no way of accessing it and Zorin OS has no way of signaling the mouse, much less if it is being used on Windows.

@337harvey may have some thoughts on some BIOS settings that can affect mouse behavior.

EDIT: I also should point out that users must be very wary of trying to find a pattern in a random intermittent problem with cause unknown. Currently, we do not know that it is not coincidence that the mouse fails to work properly at the times after you log in.
What is known is that if it was Zorin Creating the issue, then it would only fail to work properly on Zorin OS. It is impossible for it to carry over into Windows or into BIOS.

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I understand this too. But I am literally seeing the exact problem you say CAN'T OCCUR with my own eyes. This is the thing I do not understand. Would you like a short video of the problem?


I believe you. It is impossible to think you would not be so convinced had you not seen something that convinced you this strongly.
But I also think that is part of the problem: You are convinced. And because you are, you cannot see other possibilities.
If the cause is from another possibility that you are not looking at right now, due to being convinced of something else, then you will keep looking in the wrong place and your frustration will only grow.

You may have noted a better direction to look in: BIOS.

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I will show you one example.
I have a Gigabyte m/b with a buggy firmware and I have to tweak grub to make my USB ports work properly.

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Hi, I don't use grub. I use rEFInd

I just gave you my experience as an example of how the BIOS can affect the functionality of the hardware.

I know nothing about rEFInd but you might want to have a look at its configuration file.

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The settings on the bios do not effect the keyboard or mouse unless there are power saving options. You may have an adaptive setting for your usb controller. This is where i would look. Enter your bios by your manufacturers shortcut key (esc, del, F2...) and check the usb configuration in advanced mode. All bios are different, so what i see won't be what you see. They also give different naming conventions for options (unless it's a standard by the IEEE). Look at the options for usb. It could refer to bus emulation, power options or just enable/disable. This might be where the problem lies.

The bios loads hardware and checks things on your pc at boot, looks for and presents the bootloader. Bios is done. Bootloader gives you the option of OS, from which you make your selection. Bootloader is done. The Chosen OS loads and you are presented with the login screen or desktop depending on your configuration. It has access to your entire storage area (physical disks on the system) but only loads what you tell it to and cannot process certain things depending on the os your in.

Windows can only read fat, fat32, ntfs, exfat, and nfs file systems. It can not access ext4/3/2 which is used by Linux. Ext4 is used by zorin. Windows does not understand .config extensions, only .cfg. They are completely different and cannot utilize the others configuration files, drivers or any other backend (hardware access) files.
Zorin does nothing in windows. Windows does nothing in zorin. That is why we have come to the conclusion that the problem, believable or not, is either in the mouse or in the bios and hardware of your pc. You can argue it all you want, zorin didn't do this.

Any professional that looks at your machine and knows what they are doing will come to the same conclusion.

Now it's figuring out if it's the mouse, bios setting, or something on your motherboard that's the problem.

It works fine on everything, even the live USB. It's not the BIOS at fault. I even updated it to its latest version (MSI B550 Gaming Edge WiFi) and the issue is still occuring. The mouse works fine on a clean install, it's just something I have installed that's causing this.