Lenovo X1 gen 10 i7-1280 32GB 1TB won't boot 16.3 installer

Have created installer disks from both Rufus and balenaEtcher... no joy. From the boot menu select the USB drive... screen goes black and the boot menu reappears. I have run the hardware diagnostics and all checks good. I have used a 16GB USB and a 32GB. I have run the hash tool to make sure I have a good download and it is. Computer is just 1 year old and running Windows 11.

Appreciate any help.


  1. Make sure that secure boot is disable in BIOS.
  2. How long is the black screen appeared?
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Less than 5 seconds...

Try hit ESC while in black screen. Does any text appear?

Haven't tried that...will reply back in a couple...

Also noticing the USB is not appearing at all in the File Explorer. When I go to the disk manager the drive appears with a 5MB partition and a 29GB unallocated partition but balenaEtcher finished successfully and announced the drive.

Rebooted the computer, pressed F12, boot menu appeared, selected USB drive and the screen went black pressed ESC and the screen flashed then booted me right into Windows...

Apparently a combination of USB drive USB port and Secure Boot on caused the challenge. Loaded and operational now.

Thanks Storm.

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