LibreOffice 7.2.0 - ZorinOS vs LinuxMint

Good evening everyone!

Just installed Zorin OS 16 lite...i am seriously thinking of buying the full version too.

I love how it immediately detected my system, a Ryzen 9 5900x with a GPU RTX 3060 with no issues - and it just runs! seems to just work, mac os style (actually no...mac os is rather ■■■■ to be honest... :P)

Saving me the hassle of driver installing is awesome!
It also looks quite slick and clean.

i do have one single thing which makes me deeply unhappy - *and that has to do with the way LibreOffice suite looks like on this OS...its GUI *

However, in order for everyone to understand what i want to say, please go use LibreOffice on LinuxMint ...or Ubuntu...or Debian ...or OpenSUSE...or CentOS...or Elementary etc!

See on those systems (particularly on Debian/Ubuntu derivates OSes) what LibreOffice Writer/ Calc look like...) and then see what Libre suite looks like on ZorinOS!

Unlike its debian/ubuntu cousins, for some unknown reason, on Zorin, the Libre suite looks...garbage!

Menus are all shuffled and re-arranged in a totally unnatural, counterintuitive fashion! :woozy_face:

Not only this, but in each major menu category, some commonly used options are on the far right side of the screen, away from the rest of the options !
WHY ?!?

Its mind bogglingly difficult to find even the most common options - page formatting, auto-correct etc because all the menus - the entire GUI - has been allmost fully reshuffled!

WHY ?!
WHY does ZorinOS not use the same LibreOffice GUI that Ubuntu/ Linux Mint use ... :interrobang:

Please, go see for yourselves how organically LibreOffice suite - Writer and Calc - looks like and feels on those distros...and how unnatural and counter-intuitive it looks like and behaves on ZorinOS !

Open up a VirtualBox of both distros and please see for yourselves!

is there a way to make LibreOffice on ZorinOS look like the LibreOffice on Linux Mint/Debian/Ubuntu ?!? :interrobang:

After all...isnt Zorin a ubuntu derivative ?!

It looks the same to me as it does on Ubuntu and on Mint. I'm not gonna go downloading and etching Debian just to test...
Can you provide screenshots?

are you serious ?!?!

Fine..i ll play along!

I ll post screen shots of the most commonly used menus - the Home menu, side by side.

The top one is Linux Mint version...the bottom one is Zorin OS.

First, the ZorinOS version...![Libre HOME|690x133]

Notice the HUGE differences!
Notice how simple yet efficient, the Mint version looks...and how messy the Zorin version looks!

Yes, yours do look quite different.
What does the terminal output of the following show for Mint and again for Zorin OS on yours?

libreoffice --version

It's set up to look like Office365 which most newcomers are familiar with as the come from Windows environment.

@aztec11us Please keep it calm and play nice. No need to bite at @Aravisian

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They are both zorin 7.2.0

The latest!

I removed the version that zorin came with...and downloaded livre from its official site.

It looks the same as before..messed up and quite different.

I downloaded Zorin OS Core ....if it makes any difference.

The version of LibreOffice on paid Zorin version looks identical across sistems ?!

What version of zorin are you using ?!

The latest? 16 ?
With that desktop or GUI settings? Which theme?

More details please, so i can experiment...thanks alot

Ok, but why ?!

Why doesnt it look like the default LibreOffice GUI ?!

I removed (apt get purge) libreoffice then reinstalled it from scratch.

Same weird look... :((

PS: Office 365 is pure trash ... i work in a 200+ people company and everyone HATED 365 gui!

We went full LibreOffice in Windows 10 and we are quite happy...after a bit of training (a very short training at that...) :))

And never looked back!

so...any tips buys, on how to make Libre Office have its default looks instead of this trash gui ?!?

I d like the Mint look and functionality!

Many thanks and looking forward to an answer

I am looking over my version of Libreoffice - which again... I am heavy into customization so mine looks different from both Mint and Zorin because I changed mine on both... Long ago enough...

But... I think it is a matter of Configuration and Settings.
@storm pointed out:

This makes a lot of sense to me.

So... What you want is for it to not look like that and I am not sure what Settings may be involved... So, I wonder if you would be able to remove --purge Libreoffice, then install the Mint Version.
Let me look into a reasonable method of doing so and get back to this...

I will also add to this - I am quite capable of Biting Back.
I understand the utter frustration of seeing an unfamiliar layout - but we are here to help. Please treat us with the courtesy due to those who are helping you, not hurting you.
For a more in-depth view on this, please read Here;

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Here is what you do.

click the icon that get menubar visable (left corner, next to open file icon).
Go to view --> User Interface and pick standard.

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You Rock.
Now mine looks the same as his screenshot. Thanks.
I was just returning to this thread with an armload of Mint .deb packages LOL.

Lemme uhhh... go put these back on the shelf...


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it works!

With 1 additional information --- you need to first display the top toolbar, which is disabled by default.

First, go to View on right side and turn on the top toolbar.

Then go into the top toolbar and choose the Standard Interface!

Many thanks!

PS: Does Zorin OS CORE (or Pro) work in a windows 2008 r2 domain ?!
(how about later windows domains ...12 or 16 ?)
It would be wicked if they did :))

I believe so, yes. I know it does on 16. You can probably do a net search and find a million youtube videos showing how to set it up. If you have any trouble with doing so, please start a thread on that to see if anyone here can help.
EDIT: Search as if you were using Ubuntu 20.04, instead of Zorin OS. The process is pretty much the same.


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