Librewolf and Firefox - conflicts?

Lately when I click on a link (in an email) I get this pop-up error message

I do have Librewolf (in Settings) as my Default browser and have removed Firefox from my software lists. It would seem that the links are thinking that Librewolf IS Firefox? When I click on Librewolf Support (in its settings) I end up at a page on Mozilla for Firefox. Does Librewolf have/want 'bug reports'?

Librewolf have several channels to get in touch with the community and/or report bugs. It seems this issue is addressed in the FAQ if you are using Wayland this may help.

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Never heard of Wayland and don't think its on my laptop either. I was hoping that there was either a Librewolf forum, like this one, OR a Support section where I could post my question/bug report. I did sign up to Lemmy and the Librewolf forum there.

Just got this Message from another Lemmy member -

"Librewolf is based on Firefox. Even if you uninstall Firefox (not sure if you have done so already), and for some reason you close Librewolf, some times the process takes a good amount of time to really get killed. The same happens to Firefox, and I would consider it a Firefox upstream bug. I don’t know under which conditions that happens (when I’ve experienced that, it seems sort of random to me). That said, when that happens, even though Librewolf is what still has some process alive, the message you’ll get is that Firefox is still running (it’s just a problem on the message, but it’s produced by Librewolf). It might be it’s not worth changing the code around that message for Librewolf, who knows… That might be filed as a bug to Librewolf, though I’d say the most important one is on upstream Firefox, since at times it takes a pretty long time to really close. Actually that’s also inherited on Thunderbird, at times you close it, and the thing keeps processes alive for quite some time, and if you don’t wait enough, and start thunderbird again too early, it’s the same thing, you get a similar message for Thunderbird. And of course, it also happens to Firefox itself, :slight_smile:

So I see two issues at once, but the major problem is on Firefox, and I’d guess the upstream one is hard to catch…"

Here's my reply to that post -

"Thank you for you insightful reply! Seems this is a known bug, perhaps it would be a good idea to have one of those 'circling' pointers that let one know a program (Librewolf or Thunderbird) is still 'processing'? Meanwhile what my husband has found is that when this error message pops up he closes Librewolf, clicks on link, and it opens Librewolf for him at the linked page."

Will see if what works for hubby is a good enough work-around for me too.

Thanks Zen for pointing me towards help!

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I agree, this happens from time to time on Firefox and I'm not sure what is triggering. Maybe just a bad write on the Firefox profile while updating something behind the scenes?

Glad to see they are so responsive, by the way. I've only used Librewolf briefly and never had to reach out to the support, but definitly feels a lot faster than going to Mozilla.

Oh and about Wayland, it should come with ZorinOS already but you must select it before logging in:

But if you are not aware of this then you're likely not using it. Also I've had this same error even before I learn about Wayland, just mentioned it earlier because I saw on the FAQ.

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