Librewolf bookmark 'glitch?

I have noticed a problem with how Librewolf manages Bookmarks. First thing I noticed was that when I Imported my Bookmarks (from Firefox) those didn't 'arrange' themselves in the same manner that they were but simply were ADDED onto the bottom of Other Bookmarks. And every time I added A new bookmark/folder Librewolf seemed to duplicate ALL my bookmarks tacking all those (duplicates) onto the bottom of the (current) Bookmark list. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Also if this is a glitch that Librewolf needs to look into (and how to do that)?

I wonder if since Librewolf comes pre-loaded in the Zorin package, IF its a 'flathub' type of download? As I (now) choose a new software item, I make sure that I selectt 'Zorin OS' as the download option. I've had less difficulties with those newer packages since I've made use of that option.