Links missing for Existing Zorin 15 Ultimate users?

I paid for the Zorin 15 Ultimate version Perhaps I missed the information but even when I request a new link for the download of the paid version, it does not offer me an option to download Zorin 16 Pro, which I would have expected. Actually the site even offers it when you try to see if the "purchase" page provides any info. Any suggestions anyone?



I am not sure that I understand.
Are you saying that you chose Zorin OS 15.3 Ultimate in the past... and when you click on your Zorin OS 15 Ultimate download link, it does not offer you Zorin OS 16 Pro?

im having the same occurrence and yes when i click on my download link for zorin ultimate in my email it takes me to the download page for zorin ultimate 15.3 and not zorin 16 pro. i also renewed the link and it did the same thing.

I'm sorry but I am still not following.

You both are saying that your Zorin OS 15 Download link is not offering Zorin OS 16. This makes sense. Why would you expect otherwise? The download link is for Zorin OS 15. Not Zorin OS 16.

hmm ok let me clarify. How can we update from Zorin 15 Ultimate to Zorin 16 Pro, since pro is replacing ultimate? will we get a new link to Zorin 16 pro if we have 15 ultimate? or do we have to pay for it again. i know we have to do a clean install for now so we cant just update without a clean install for now.

My own opinion is that if a person purchases Ultimate / Pro very shortly before the Next Release is made available, they really should get the newest release since it is a near thing. This is my opinion and I have no control over the funding of Zorin OS.

Aside from that...

Developers should be paid for their work. Zorin OS does not include third party advertising, spyware, target market advertising or any of the other shady practices that the Big Companies do.
If you bought a 2018 Mazda Miata... Can you expect to get the Next release of the model for free just because you bought a car once?
If your employer refused to give you this weeks wages because he already paid you once last week, would you accept that as valid?
Zorin OS is funded by donations from Zorin OS Ultimate / Pro. Not by ads or spyware. That is what keeps the project funded, alive and moving forward. It is thanks to people like you both who chose Ultimate.

Each release is a New Release, not an extension of the previous one. Some users even opt to skip between; They will choose Zorin OS Pro one release, then go with Core the next after that one, then back to Pro for the Following... and so forth.

But Yes, users must pay for each new Zorin OS Pro release to compensate the Two Developers that devote their time, skill and knowledge into crafting it over the course of the previous year and a half or more.

I see where you're coming from but the purchase page already states it clearly, in my opinion as it states this:


That, to me, states that we are entitled to the new version and if remember correctly the price we paid for ultimate, was a one-time purchase, and as such upgrades would come in free. Anyway, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong but I cannot interpret the message stating at the purchase page otherwise.
Also, let me be clear to your other comment as well; I don't mind paying for software as I support several open source projects but if I paid for future versions by purchasing the licensing for Ultimate then that is a decision made by the developers and they should honor it.

All, I should have read the FAQ more closely as it clearly states the following (and I assume the same applies to the 15.x version as well):

Will I get access to future updates of Zorin OS Pro?
The purchase will give you access to Zorin OS 16 Pro as well as future updates within the 16 release series, such as upcoming point releases. Zorin OS 17 Pro will need to be purchased separately when it will be released in the future. We will continue to support Zorin OS 16 with software updates until at least April 2025, and you will be able to use Zorin OS 16 Pro for life.

So off we go and pay for the new version :slight_smile: Like is said I have no problem with that but my interpretation, as I know now, was incorrect.

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I think you raise a valid point and we should submit this to the ZorinGroup for their consideration to update the wording in certain notices for clarity.

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zorin 15 or anything in the 15 updates are free if you bought the ultimate.
If you want zorin 16 pro you have to buy it as new. as its different version. Same with zorin 17. they will support all 15x, 16x for the life of the version.
You only get updates with in the version you bought, so if you have version 15 and want 16 its a new version so you will have to buy it. as for the link that say if you bought zorin 15 ultimate or zorin 16 pro and lost the link the link will or should only give you the link to the one you bought.
As others have said, why would you want to get the newer version for free ie: 15 to 16, this could go on and on. if you have 15 you get 15.3 etc not 16 free as an upgrade if you want 16 pro you pay for it, if you have 16 pro you will get update until the end of 16s life then you will have to buy 17. simple. As they said they will still be supporting 15x for a few years yet. I can't see the problem in paying again for a later version. if your not happy you can still use the version you have ie:15x for a few years then may be shell out for 17 when it comes along. remember the people that make zorin have to live and spend time making it work plus the support they need to make a bit of money.


Hi there,
Well, I purchased the Ultimate version on July 30th without knowing that the new version was coming. And now I have already sent them two messages on the contact us page like a Pro user and haven't got any answer. It is really disappointing. I understand if you bought an older version to pay for it once again, but less than a month ago to buy it again it sucks. Poor customer service.

I agree with you. I find it highly unlikely that a person would choose Zorin OS 15 Ultimate a week before the release of Zorin OS 16 on purpose. The only logical conclusion is that the user was unaware of the pending release.

Please be patient with the ZorinGroups response time. it is a group of Two People developing the entire OS and as the Official Release of Zorin OS 16 happened just yesterday (as of Wed 18 Aug 2021), they are probably inundated with initial requests for installation help.

I am sure that the ZorinGroup will be happy to help you when they see your messages. Please stick around and keep us updated here.

Yes, thanks for your response man. I suppose they are a bit busy with all the release things.
I'll post next week how things are going.

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