Linux Lite pc does not see ZorinOS pc in Local Net

I'm hoping to set up my ZorinOS pc as a remote pc at my parents' house, so that I can control it from my house. I'd like to be able to do so from either a Linux Lite pc that I have or a WIndows10 pc that I have. At present, I'm starting with the Linux Lite pc, because it's in the same room as the ZorinOS pc.
I presume that it should be a snap if I have REMMINA on each pc; but firstly I notice that, while I can see the Linus Lite pc from the ZorinOS pc, I cannot see the ZorinOS pc from, well, any other pc in the Local Network. I'm guessing that I have to enable some thing(s), but am having a devil of time locating what those things are ..??
I'd really appreciate any guidance / wisdom that anyone can offer.
Thanks in advance!! MDP

Wonder if you need to install the server packages?

Yes I know it is Windows connecting to Ubuntu and vice versa!

Also take a look here:

Thanks! I'll look into these, and report back ... :slight_smile:

Just reporting on progress:

I'm able to see that the ZorinOS machine is in the Local Network Group, but not able to access it ... I'll keep working on it.

In the meantime, I've been distracted: my son, who uses a Mac, wanted me to try LinuxMint; so I've installed that in another partition on the same machine.

I now have the same "issue" with Mint: I first have to be able to access it within the Local Network. But the Mint interface is just different enough that I don't seem to be able to locate the properties for the drive so that I can set Share'ing up for it ..?

I'll be back ... :wink: Mario

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