[Linux Noob] Touchpad scrolling way too fast

First of all i would like to point out that i am pretty new to all the Linux stuff so please bear with me.
The laptop i am using: Lenovo Ideapad 5 14ARE05 (Ryzen 4500U, 16GB RAM)
There are few issues i am facing right out of the box after installing last Zorin OS 16 Core.

  1. Fingerprint reader not recognizing my finger. - Already found that its caused by the sensor being too small.. (Seems weird to me but Ok can do without it, wont go into details in this post..)
  2. Scrolling using 2 fingers on the touchpad is way too fast/sensitive and there is no setting to change it.
    I did find on the internet that if i install libinput-tools and set my touch-size to half size of what my touchpad actually measures it should improve this. The problem is that if i try to do this i get a message saying:
Using MSFT0002:00 04F3:317F Touchpad: /dev/input/event9

This device does not have the capabilities for size-based touch detection.
Details: Device does not have ABS_MT_TOUCH_MAJOR

And that is pretty much where i stand right now and i cannot figure out any other way of reducing the sensitivity.
Can someone please help me with this?

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day,
best regards.

Can you try Touchpad sensitivity is too high - #5 by Aravisian ?

We have the same problem with touchpad. Though I just ignore it since in my time in Windows, the scrolling of the touchpad didnt work at all.

I did not because i dont think that my touchpad is made by synaptics. But i can probably try it and report back.

Ok, can confirm that just installing the synaptics driver fixed the issue for me. The sensitivity is now much more reasonable. Thank you very much.

I have just 1 more question which is not related to touchpad and i was wondering if someone would know a solution. And i dont want to neccesarily create a new thread because of it.
As my laptop is using quite a high DPI display i am forced to use fraction scalling in the settings (200% scale is too much and 100% is too low - i am using 125%.) But i noticed that after aplying this scalling everytime i reboot my computer i end up with 2 mouse cursors on the screen. (1 is stuck forever on 1 place and the second one is working normally...) Is there any fix to this? Or is this a bug cause by the fraction scalling which is an experimental feature for now?
(I could use screenshot because the stuck coursor isnt visible in it.

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Synaptics is the name of the software, not the manufacturer.

Seems 125% should work according to this: Cursor flickers on primary display when fractional scaling is enable for dual monitors on Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 - Ask Ubuntu

And you’re AMD so Screen Tearing on Ubuntu Xorg 20.04 with Intel Graphics - Ask Ubuntu doesn’t apply

Seems wayland doesn’t have screen tearing https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/g7uk3x/issues_with_fractional_scaling/ - can you try that just to confirm? You can get to it by going to the login screen (logout using ctrl +alt+del then press a key to get login screen) then click the little gear wheel under the password field and select Wayland.

Yeah but i dont experience screen tearing. I just have a second mouse cursor constantly stuck in the same place on the desktop. (It stays at the place where it is before i login - desktop loads for the first time). I can fix this issue by changing scaling into 100% and then back into 125 again.

Screen tearing is the best I could diagnose as being the issue. I don’t know what else would describe the uniqueness of two mouse cursors with one active. Perhaps someone else may have an idea.

Never mind. I found this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/two-mouse-pointers-show-up-on-my-screen-one/16376b42-26c4-4110-8f0b-d0ab8c7a2e74 - they recommend uninstalling the touchpad but I don’t think that’s a viable solution.

Also, can you please see this thread and let us know if this is similar to your problem?

This is exactly the problem i am having.

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