Linux on PS2

So years ago, Sony released an official Linux kit for the PlayStation 2.

Some of you may know about this. Personally I've never owned the Linux kit.

Oh how times have changed...

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I Have it :joystick: with the kit or maybe I lost it :joy:


It is Difficult to keep a track of PlayStaion BlueRay Drives :joy:


I still have and use a PS2...
So, now... I Want That Kit LOL


There was a lot that was different in PS2 Linux compared to what we have today :grinning:.

Undoubtedly. But I still want PS2 games that I do not have, too.:wink:

PS2 propably not all version linux you can installing. Here PS3

The fusion of gaming consoles and PCs has been attempted many times, but it has not been successful because the hardware is not versatile enough to reduce costs by specializing in gaming.

I will trying and buying ps3
It will working good or this is poor for linux.

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