"Linux way" Dual boot

Good night folks,
I don't know if "linux way" is the best expression, but here is the deal: I know that a dual boot Win10/Zorin is possible coming from Win10, I've done this before, but is it possible to dual boot coming from Zorin?
Ideally, not breaking any of the systems or losing my files

Yes, it is:


Thanks, @Aravisian ! I miss playing Valorant on the weekends and it's not possible to play it on Zorin because of the Riot Anticheat

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Yea I pretty much just enabled AHCI and disabled secure boot in BIOS, then formatted / partitioned using GPT for both drives. Installed Zorin on one drive, then installed Windows on the other drive (I had separate SSD for each install), and just press F12 to select which drive I want to load.

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