[LITE] Suspend not working except lid trigger

Suspend/Hibernate is not working on these methods:

  • Manual power option
  • systemctl suspend
  • systemctl hibernate

Suspend error processes:

  1. Suspend
  2. Lights off for around 2 seconds
  3. Turn back on, WiFi fired up

Suspend/Hibernate is somehow working when:

  • Closing Lid


  • why?
  • is it using the xfce suspend option instead of the systemctl? (just guessing)

Similar issues also can be experienced on:

  • Ubuntu OS (All suspend does not work, except the very 1st suspend after 1st time booting up)
  • Elementary OS (All suspend does not work)

But, I thank God, The lid is suspending the machine on Zorin(Zorin Banzai!), which I wonder why.....