Local Network Share Not Working


I recently had to do a new install of Zorin and went through the process of setting up a local network share as I had done before on my previous installation.

I used Nautilus share on the folder I wished to share and installed the sharing service, but no matter what I try i just keep getting "'net usershare' returned error 255". I tried to search the web for various solutions but couldn't find any that seemed to remedy this error.

I love Zorin and am not really understanding why im having such a hard time when this worked so easily on my previous installation. Really appreciate any help.

Update: Whenever I try to share a folder from my secondary mounted drive I get a slightly different error:

" 'net usershare' returned error 255: [2023/03/18 16:38:49, 0] ../../lib/util/debug.c:1100(reopen_one_log)
reopen_one_log: Unable to open new log file 'Video/log.net': No such file or directory
net usershare add: share name /mnt/91d13149-feba-4dd1-9ead-a65959799a07/video contains invalid characters (any of %<>*?|/+=;:",) "

I would think this was a permissions issue. Did you try anything with adding the share to the user group or assigning it 777 permissions?