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Lock screen problem

It should be xfce4-screensaver.

Can (or should) I install xfce4-screensaver and uninstall Xscreensaver?

I cannot accurately guide you on using Xscreensaver as I do not use it. In this, I also cannot compare the two.
I would suggest exploring the options both offer and seeing what suits you best.

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Yes, you need to adjust your power and when it goes to sleep/suspend as well. This is no different as on windows it will over ride your screensaver settings.

The only way to get X-screensaver is to have installed it. You should not have two screensavers trying to activate at once. So either the one for the DE needs to be shut off (or removed) or X-screensaver needs to be removed if you're not using it. But one of them has to go.

I personally use X-screensaver and install it as I still like having a screensaver. But if you're going to use it you need to make sure all the other components are installed as well. You can find them all in Synaptic.

First, need your laptop window then work properly ok.

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