Lock session with SDDM

I installed SDDM recently and had a couple of problems, firstly I can't lock my session after suspending my system, it doesn't ask me for my password when I wake it back up, also if I use the Lock option in the menu my session gets locked but when I put my password and hit enter, my computer freezes. Finally, when I try to log out or shut down, it shows me a sign telling me that there is another user logged in, that being my own user.
Right now I'm sticking with GDM, but I really like the customization options that SDDM provides, I wouldn't like to change Gnome either.
If there is any solution to the session lock problem? The other problem of it telling me that there is another user connected does not bother me as much

I prefer LightDM, and we already know LightDM is fully compatible with Zorin OS.
LightDM is highly configurable, as well.
Have you tested LightDM, yet?

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