Log On Dialog Now Showing on External Monitor

When I have my laptop pseudo-docked (ie. on my desktop with an external monitor or two and external mouse and keyboard), the Zorin splash screens appear on my two external monitors that I use with this laptop, however, then when Zorin asks me to log in, that screen is suddenly back on the built in monitor which I normally have turned off when I’m using the external monitors. I find it odd that when Zorin is booting, it recognizes the two external monitors showing the zplash screens, but then when it wants me to log on, it goes back to the built in.

Any way for it to ask me to log on on the external monitor?

TL:DR No, I don’t use the built in monitor when I’m ‘docked’ and keep the laptop lid nearly shut so it’s just like a desktop box. No, I don’t want to use all three monitors. I doubt this very old laptop could do that anyway. It never could with the OS that shall remain unnamed.