Logging into Zorin Lite show some strange screens

While logging into Zorin Lite, after I type in my username and hit the enter button. I see some strange screens flashing by.
The screens flashing by looking like this. The first one;

couldn't make a printscreen, flashed to fast, had to film it and produce the printscreen.
The second screen looks like this (to be seen on the panelbar)

Don't know where this comes from and if anyone else is experiencing this.

That second one looks like the blur for GDM3 with the Zorin Background image.
Navigate to /usr/share/themes/ZorinBlue-Light/gnome-shell/assets/login-background.png and you will see that blurred mountain image.

Did you changing maybe resolution? Are you using NVIDIA drivers?

Was trying some things on my second nuc7i3bnh. Have ZorinLite installed as my main boot on the nuc7i3bnh. That's where I saw the screens. They were there from the start, since I installed Lite.

Bourne, no thank you for the response. My nucs don't have the use of NVIDIA drivers. Its all Intel HD integrated. It is a Nuc7i3bnh. You can see for the specs on the intel site.

Am now back on my main nuc - nuc8i7beh - will look tomorrow. But are those background png's in those assets folders different. Meaning, different png in Gnome and Lite assets folder.

But why does it show when I log in, although my theme is set to Azenis.

This is your screenshot.

And here is the image file I referenced in /usr/share/themes/ZorinBlue-Light/gnome-shell/assets/login-background.png :

They do not look different to me.

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Wow, you my friend are very perceptive. Even though you told me, I was searching for those brown ribbons. But why they show when I log in is a riddle to me.

You also don't have an explanation, I guess.

Here some info and under some users text.

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Not offhand... It appears as though the system is trying to load the default theme prior to loading your preferred theme.
The first thing I would check would be the lightdm.conf files.

Did you reconfigure your dm to gdm3 by some chance? You may try reconfiguring for lightdm (maybe didn't stick)?

I wondered the same but... I'm a little stumped on how the system would load GDM even if it had been configured at one point if the system is set to LightDM. From a programming perspective- that simply shouldn't happen, at all.

My next thought is that there is more than one .conf file for LightDM being referenced and they both have differing instructions. This would make the display Manger kind of... crash into itself.

Either the lightdm conf is messed up, causing it to fall back to gdm (present since the gtk is still a part of the system and most likely included in that library) or dasjdoom was attempting customization and enabled it, forgetting to disable it switch back. I don't believe the entire story is shared. Running the reconfig to reenable lightdm wouldn't hurt though.

Corrupt lightdm install?

They don't ??? because the do for me, look at the bottem.

Did the gpu driver got updated recently ? or did it fall back to noveau ?

Yeah, I see the funny orange edge. That's irrelevant. That's just artifact from graphics bugging out. I am referring to the Actual Background image that is the Default Zorin Image that is not supposed to be there as the O.P. is using a different background image.

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