Login interface problem after install and remove other DEs

I have problem in login after installing kde de in zorin lite with that command:
sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop
that command not only install kde but aslo lxqte and Budgie, I tried to remove install all of the de, so I do that command sudo apt-get remove --autoremove kde-plasma-desktop, but that not remove budgie and lxqte, i used command to remove lxqte and I removed it, tried that apt-get remove --autoremove ubuntu-budgie-desktop ubuntu-budgie*. but i think budgie still effect on screen login like in pic, how i can reset to the deafult screen login of zorin lite?

that the last command I have used
also I can login in by typing my password with the touch keyboard in the screen of login above in pic, but how i can get the default screen login of zorin?

It is better to not try many different commands at random.

Zorin OS uses GDM3 on Zorin Core. It uses LightDM on Zorin OS Lite.

sudo apt remove --purge sddm && sudo apt install --reinstall lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

Follow the prompts and be sure to set LightDM as your Default Display manager.

Logged in your desktop, install Synaptic Package Manager:

sudo apt install synaptic

Launch Synpatic, then click the search button. Search for:
plasma and select any KDE plasma specific items for Complete Removal. Do not just click on every item. Some are shared objects that are associated with and used by Plasma, but actually used by and came with Zorin OS.
Check here if any doubt on an entry.

Repeat with a search for budgie.
Once done, click the apply button.

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thank u very much, i didn't remove any thing related with kde plasma, but i removed all related with budgie, it's good now, but I only have xfce session, the default Des were xfce session and zorin lite session, may be i removed budgie package was related with zorin lite session.

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I did that command sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop, and I get zorin lite session beside xfce session ,it is different bw the two?

I have never found any difference between the two... :wink:

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