Look into the future

Zorin OS is great and I love using it. Compared to other distros, the only thing I miss is a bit of a look into the future. In the blog as well as in the forum you can't find any information about development plans.
What will be tackled next?
When is it planned to release something new?
Are there betas with new features?
I think this would interest many.


I agree that Zorin OS could use a Roadmap.




To infinity and beyond!

We know Zorin Bros are working on:

  • Version Updater.
  • Zorin Grid.
  • Zorin on ARM hardware
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Totally agree with you.

Also like I said before, we need more informations from them, more activity with the community

I don't think Zorin Bros employ a full time Public Relations Officer, or a part-time one for that matter. So one of them has to take time out from Dev to do it. I guess they prefer Dev to PR.

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I know. But there is a lot of other distros ( even one man distros) where they are active on forum and other.

And that is what makes community happier and brings new users.
They don't need to be here 0-24. Just casual post here and there, new plans, activity etc

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Exactly. It doesn't take much, yet goes such a long way.

I think performing such an act is seen as a drain on time or an additional task; but it really is a helpful consideration that users rely on. It is not so draining.

I believe that this really ties into the same policy of "Release when ready."
A roadmap can become problematic when there are delays. Or if a plan is changed.
However, users are far more forgiving of delays than people assume as long as they are kept informed.

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OK ..... so playing as the devils advocate maybe the don't because if they say something would be done Jan. 1, 2022 and it isn't they get all the negative feedback like "you said we would have it by Jan 1 and it is now Jan 10 where is it ????? .... and if you say well then they need to deliver on that date .... I'll say then you never ran a business as things and priorities can change with the twinkling of an eye ....

Like you ordered that new interior for the Model T and promised the owner he could drive it to the County Fair on the 25th .... but your vendor didn't get his order placed on time and so even working night and day you can't get the Model T done until the 27th

It is fine to make goals but they aren't always met .... "it is better to shoot for the moon and miss than to never shoot at all" .... a road map would be nice I agree but you are going to always have those that will complain when there is a bump in the road .... JMHO


For many distros, roadmaps do work, though.
It's not necessarily a Set Date plan, but rather, a list of goals.


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