Looking for an imaging application

I have been looking for a new imaging program for some time now .... I don't like Gimp .... and tried gThumb .... which was OK but still not like my old favorite InfranView which has no Linux app .... you can install it with Wine but i didn't want to go that route ....

As I was surfing the web with DDG I came across this app called Nomacs Image Lounge .... as it is recommended to take the place of InfranVeiw on Linux ..... only catch is you have to download it with Flathub ..... so I thought I would give it a try ....

It looks just like InfranView with it drop down menu's and none of that circus type side bars full of lord knows what on both sides of your image .... I may be speaking to soon but so far I am tickled pink with it .... not sure if I am allowed to post a link to their website but you can find it with DDG or what ever search engine you use ....

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I use Nomacs, its my favorite image viewer. Its also capable of viewing animated GIF files as well. Its somewhat customizable as well. I don't use the typical default image viewers on Linux, because I think they arn't as good as Nomacs.

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I love Gimp. But Gimp is not for Image Viewing, it is for Image Editing.
Simple Linux Viewers include XViewer and XNView, as well.


Yepper dee doo daa!

And for image editors, I do love Gimp. I will admit however, that I do wish that Gimp UI scaled itself properly with the rest of my system, so things are super tiny on a 4K screen. But I work through that issue, to use the powerful tools that are provided to me, for image editing.

Case in point, Gimp is how I made that Christmas tree photo with heavy Zorin influence. It took some time, but it was worth the effort, as I think it turned out well. What image editors do you like Aravisian?


I use Pinta for simple or fast editing, gimp for more complex editing and Blender for 3D image generation.


There is Krita, that's what I use over Gimp.... I've never been much of a fan of Gimp


I edited the title for clarification.

For graphical editing, I use 3 applications.

  1. Nomacs for a very quick image resizing

  2. Krita for a small editing job such as masking a portion of image to hide serial numbers etc. - without taping a blister pack on a monitor before taking a screenshot :wink:

  3. GIMP for more heavy duty editings

Those work like different size/shape cooking knives in the kitchen.
I would not peel a tomato with a meat cleaver nor de-bone a fish with a cheese knife. Each tool has its own merit/demerit.


I downloaded Pinta from Synaptic but it said it had to run it in sandbox because I didn't have a certain permission to do something ..... I forgot what that something was ..... can I still run it ?????

I use photopea because it looks a lot like that adobe thing. But it is for editing , not for viewing, quite nice app though.

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What about irfanview od xnview? Idk if name is correct.

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never had that... But I never installed it from synaptic, either. Generally, I use Synaptic more for Removal than anything else. I use the terminal for almost all installations.

sudo apt install pinta



Hummmm .... maybe I better uninstall it in synaptic and reinstall using the terminal .... Thanks for that tip .... another one to add to my list ... LOL


Done ..... and done ....easy peasey .... :+1:


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