Looking for Gnome extension

I'm looking for a gnome extension that remove this:
Screenshot from 2023-09-20 13-41-05

I can't recall the name of that extension that do that.

I was going to suggest "Just Perfection", but it seems that the extensions page is down at the moment so I can't try :man_shrugging:

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Why o' why is the site down when you need it.... typical :confused:

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I guess someone tripped on the power plug or something:


Geez, even the ubuntu sites are down. It most be coordinated attack.

See if this works for you:

Yes, it works. Now I'll see if it also has the extensions.

EDIT: I can get to the main page, but that's just it.

Your browser might be timing out.... it's a slow connection because The Wayback Machine handles so much traffic, and sometimes modern browsers time out because of that.

I, for instance, have increased the timeout of my browser, so I can get from the landing page to the page for the first extension (User Themes):


Which leads to:

But that actually leads to:

From there, I can go to the file repository:

From there, I can click on the Download button to get the file.


GitLab is back, here's the link for the extension that I mentioned, in case it helps:



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