Looking for Zorin OS, Program or Script for SSH Tunneling Similar to 'respitevpn' or 'NetMod

I am looking for a program or script similar to 'respitevpn' or 'NetMod' for Zorin OS. These programs (in Windows OS) allow you to create an SSH connection to a server and tunnel your system like a VPN.

Does anyone know of any similar tools or solutions for this purpose?

I've not used any extra programs for this, but but the ssh syntax to do this is pretty basic.

Look at the ssh(1) manpage. Pay specific attention to these specific options:

Here's a pretty basic, yet useful tip though:
ssh -D 1080 user@target_host

You then tell your browser there's a SOCKS proxy at localhost:1080. You'll then have a secure pipe through your SSH connection and the "target_host" you're SSH'd into will act as your web proxy. Really anything that supports a SOCKS proxy.


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