Losing focus when switching between different tabs or apps

lately i have been having issues with losing the mouse or trackpad focus when switching between tabs in a browser or switching from one application to another.
at first i thought it was a browser issue, but i tried different browsers and the same issue appears.
here is an example that i most frequently come across. i may be watching a video in youtube and stop to go to another tab for whatever reason. then i go back to you tube and would usually just hit the space bar to resume the video. this does not work now. i have to click on the video to make this happen. then all is fine until i leave the tab and come back.
this also happens if i switch to a pdf i was previously viewing. i now have to click on it in order to resume scrolling, either by fingers on trackpad or scroll wheel on mouse.
this may seem like a minor issue but it becomes quite annoying when trying to keep up a smooth workflow.
i was wondering if there may have been something in a recent update that may have caused this. i have looked through the settings but have not found anything that might remedy this issue. i was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. i could not find any instances in the forum though i may have missed it due to difficulty in labeling it. i am using zorin 16.3 up to date as far as i know
thanks for any input...

Try selecting Advanced Options from Grub menu and boot the previous kernel to test if it was an kernel update that has caused the problem

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