Love 💙 the new blue hue of Zorin forum

Well of course, the fastest browser is going to be the one that doesn't have any eye candy, and comes with no security built in, nothing to slow you down. But not only will the browser look like 1995, but you will be at risk everywhere you go, so I don't recommend it.

I use Chromium don't everyone use it (technically)?

Well, keep in mind, while Chromium may seem like a complete replacement for Chrome, it is not. For legal reasons, Chrome can't be packaged in Linux operating systems, so you often will see Chromium or Firefox instead.

But last I tried to use Chromium, it wouldn't work with Netflex's DRM stuff. And Firefox wasn't supported to play the content at the time on Linux either. But Chrome actually can play Netflix content on Linux.

So ya, there are technically reasons to use the official Chrome browser. I don't do Netflix anymore, cause I switched to other streaming services, and didn't want to continue paying an extra 15 dollars a month for Netflix.

I just use it because most webpages are optimized for it. So it's generally faster. It also starts up 12 seconds faster.

Yeah, I like the new look of the forum. There are a bit inconsistencies here and there but I assume it's because the Zorin team are working on it. Looking forward to see the final result.

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As of today, in forum Dark Mode, comments in the `` tags show as same background color as the text background color rendering them irrelevant.

It would be nice to have a changelog. Then we could see and try the new things that have been added. Some of the Zorin Apps and packages have changelogs on Github. But it would be nice to have a small changelog for the forum software as well. It just could be a locked thread in the chat section.

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Now "Failed Installation" reads as Falled Installatlon. "i" looks like "l".
Devs please change that ugly font, It is hard on the eyes! @AZorin @zorink

Oh that's very weird. I looked at a few of the threads and I don't seems to notice an issue with the letter i. Could you post a screenshot of that?

It looks like the devs may have changed the font. The squared off bottoms of y and g now seem rounded and the dot at top of lowercase i is more separated. The whole reading experience suddenly improved. I hope it stays that way.
What did someone say about a website dev changelog :wink:

EDIT: Maybe it is some sort of transition thing, but new posts are appearing with what I will call the ugly font, but older posts are showing with the legible font.

EDIT2: I could be wrong. I'm seeing more thread headers written with the squared off "ugly font", so transition is maybe going the wrong way for my liking.

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I like new forum style. It is modern and better.

It will be great if we can get emojis next to "like" button.
Sometimes I want to put :slight_smile: or :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking: :ok_hand: :+1:

It does seem to stand out from the almost D3Euronism look of the Zorin Text logo.

I did not see this "ugly" font" so I checked my Firefox setting.
My font setting is customized to override the fonts offered by the webpage - another solution.


This is no longer true. It is now back taller, so am hitting the hamburger again.
I really hate the new forum font with a passion, is it just me?

I didn't even notice any changes, how you guys notice so many changes? It's literary Manjaro Forums but with Zorin Theme.

I must admit... I prefer the way it was before in dark mode. Not sure how it looks in Light Mode.
The contrast increased, which seems good but... Something about it seems odd to me.
At the same time, I hardly want to pester about Forum Appearance issues during such a busy time for the ZorinGroup.
So I haven't said very much.
I do see certain improvements in the layout and design. For example, Pm windows have a different and distinctive look, allowing to easily distinguish between a PM and a Thread - Which I have failed to do before LOL

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I don't like the highlight colour of the text, it's too dark.

Am I missing something or ? How to set dark mode :stuck_out_tongue:

I am on phone btw

Click on your Avatar top right of screen
Click "Preferences" body icon tab
Click "Preferences" gearwheel icon
Click "Interface" on left side of screen
find "Colour Scheme" and change it.


Thanks Zaba. Now in Dark theme.

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