Loving Zorin! But a couple minor hicuups!

Recently started using Zorin, am a noob. Had used ubuntu 5 years ago for a couple of months only.

  1. Tried Manjaro Gnome before installing Zorin Core 16, one of the problem is on x11 i get screen tear (running surface-go). seems on when using wayland. I did not see this issue on Manjaro.

  2. After the boot-up and login in, there seems to be a lag/delay for the first 3-4 seconds. I have installed preload, could this be the reason?

But in love with this OS, hopefully would see gnome 41 on the next update

Regarding (1)

Screen tear is often discovered when using the Xorg video drivers AKA nouveau driver. I'm not sure which GPU you have, Nvidia/AMD, but your going to want to install or choose your GPU driver.

Regarding (2)

I notice that you are using CORE, and that means Gnome. Its actually pretty standard to have a 3 to 4 second delay after entering your password at the login screen. I have two machines with Gnome.

My Zorin workstation, and my POP OS gaming machine, both do the same exact thing, even though my POP OS machine is like a super car going up against a station wagon lol!


Thanks for your reply.

I have installed it on a laptop, the first generation surface-go laptop. it has integrated Intel hd graphic card. I dont think this has any additional gpu.

With regards to the delay, I did not refer to the delay after entering the password. That seems to be fine with me. My concern is after I see my dock and desktop there is always 3-4 sec delay/lag initially when I try to move my cursor to open up any apps.

Also I can pair my phone with the laptop using bluetooth, but it never shows as an available device when I try to connect it using the zorin connect

WOW, who knew trying to find the CPU SPEC on your device would be hard has heck. I had to navigate to like 4 different website till I found one that said more then Pentium Gold CPU. Looks like you have a 1.6GHZ CPU, this could be the cause of the delay you speak of.

Its technically bellow my recommended SPEC for running CORE version of Zorin OS. Until the Zorin team releases Zorin LITE with XFCE, I think its just something you will have to deal with for now.

In regards to Zorin conenct, I found this informative post from our very own Swarrfendor.

I've never used Zorin Connect, so I can't give you advice on something I don't have knowledge of, but I can at least help by sharing his post in helps that it might well, help you in some way.

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