Low performance

the Mouse moves a little bit slow and when i watch videos . i feel a little bit lag too .

Could we have some more information please? Motherboard/Notebook, Amount of RAM, Graphics Card?

laptop alienware 17
support windows 8 so i go to zorin .
16 ram
cpu intel core i7-4700mq

Before you type your password to login, at the bottom right of the login window there's a gear - click that and try using Wayland. Noticed a little lag from X myself (Z17 Core); Wayland is much smoother, buuut may be problematic with some things. I've been switching between both, just to see which one is better for me. So far, Wayland wins with the smoothness - doesn't like my Nvidia settings app though; doesn't show all the options and settings when using Wayland.. Still works - just doesn't show all of them.

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Lag shouldn't be introduced by using Xorg when Zorin OS 16 was using Xorg by default without the lag...


Very true - had no lag with 16.3. Might be an Nvidia thang though. I noticed with Wayland, I don't get as many options in my Nvidia Settings app. Opposed to with X, I get the whole sha-bang. But, I'm kinda thinking maybe something with Nvidia.. could be wrong though! Have been really trying to think if I had ever switched with 16.3, X or Wayland :thinking: .. can't remember though lol

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