Low Resolution in Amazon Prime Video

I have a little Problem with Amazon Prime Video. The Videos run, but only in a low Resolution. With Windows 10 I don't have that. On other Platforms (Youtube, Crunchyroll) I don't have that Problem. I've read some Entries here in the Forum but there weren't any helpful Things.

I have installed the gstreamer codecs, the restricted-extras Stuff, libde265, libav-codec ... but unfortunately it will not run. Do I need a special Codec for Prime? Does anyone knows that?

I vaguely remember something similar happening with either Zorin 15 or 16 or some other Ubuntu derivative distribution - it may have been Linux Lite. This was a while back. The common correction was to install the Ubuntu Restricted Extras not included in Ubuntu distributions by default. Maybe this will help? Good luck. :v:

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I tried that because I have read about it but it don't help. But Thank You for Your Time.

It may be a browser specific problem, try a different browser. Like Chrome or edge.

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Here is the issue - Linux is not supported!

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I think you should get better resolution if you run Amazon video in chrome browser.

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To Storm and linuxuser101: I don't use (and don't like) Chrome-based Browsers. I'm a Firefox-Guy. But I think it isn't the Problem because Amazon supports officially Firefox, Chrome and other Browser. But thank for your Advice.

That is a really interesting Situation. I have looked the Link form you and found there some more Info's. And I've tested it too. I uninstalled Zorin and installed LMDE to try it and it was the same.

And you can see it actually. I didn't make Screenshots (I simply forgot it), but it is so: When I look with Windows 10 the best Quality-Level (for the Resolution) uses 6,84GB per hour. On Linux it only uses 1,17GB per hour.

But I don't understand why Amazon do that. I think , I should contact Amazon directly and ask why they do this. I want to go away from Windows. But when that doesn't work ... I don't know what I should do.

But that ist not your Problem. Thank You for your Tip; it was very helpful.

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