Macbook pro 2011

After trying a lot of distros on my 2011 Macbook pro (clean install) I decided on 2. Mint and Zorin 16. I like Zorin and have it installed. Works well, but I think that I have AMD Radeon 7400 problem. When I attach external monitor it will not mirrows - no icons on external mpnitor, Mint had that problem too. Any ideas?. Please, do not make me use terminal - I can barely see on this small screen

Hi @janusz,

You might want to try a third party driver

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade

I copy and paste. I got long line of codes and at the end got message "segmentation fault"

Can you post a screenshot of the terminal ?

Polish a man?

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2011 Macbook pro (
[/quote]uefi - Installation of 20.04 on late-2011 macbook pro - installer fails to recognize existing OS - Ask Ubuntu

I don't see the link what his issue has to do with your post.

Do not know how to. When I try the mirror I get message that my hardware can not support. In Mint did mirror but display on external monitor only. I have the dreadful AMD Radeon 7400 that is known for defects. I downloaded the driver from amd and is in .deb extension. Can I install it?. Thanks.

When the terminal is open hit alt + printscreen. The screenshot is saved in /home/pictures/

graphics - Install AMD HD 6400M / 7400m drivers - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange here some helpfull installation drivers.
ISO for mac ubuntu
Index of /releases/14.04.5
I will out here and gived a provide for @Michel he is Moderator then he have more knowledge :slight_smile:

This is apple keyboard. Do not have printscreen

Try this post again Macbook pro 2011 - #2 by Michel

Copy everything from the terminal and past it here please.

I am not a Moderator, just helping users here like everyone else can.

After long download I got at the end - Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1), Do I need to restart?

Try the first command, if that does not fix anything try the second one.

This command reconfigures packages that have been unpacked but not necessarily installed. An interruption at the wrong time can cause this database to become corrupt. This is especially helpful if you were running installation and the process was interrupted.

sudo dpkg --configure -a

This command can attempt to fix the dependencies in the package installer.

sudo apt-get install -f

Well, st happen. Zorin can not start. Got "opps something went wrong" I try to log out and shut down/restart but nothing work. Will have to wipe the drive and re-install. Lucky me, I have desktop working(win10). I will be back when I reinstall Zorin. Thanks

Don't reinstall yet, @Aravisian can help you with this probably.

It will not start

A problem has occured and the system can not recover. please log out and try again. . i try log out 4 times and back to this message

@Aravisian @FrenchPress, can something be done using grub ?

I can attest that - this is mine:

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