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Macbook pro change to nomodeset

Is that Zorin Pro and Lite version 16 or 15.3?

Both 16

Out of curiosity I would like you to try creating an Etcher USB of 15.3 core and see how that fairs as it is an earlier kernel. I am wondering if it is an HWE (Hardware Kernel) issue if present as such kernels cater for modern hardware and clearly 2011 is not current hardware.

isos are here:


Also the fact that you have Pro I would register a ticket with Zorin team for their assistance:

That will take me few hours as I have slow wifi(max 200kbs)

Lodge a Support ticket - I updated my last post for the link since your last post.

Just did

Bear in mind we are in the holiday season you might have to wait a while.

I got time

With all good wishes for 2022!

@janusz If you need it:

Zorin OS 15.3 Core 64-bit ISO sha256 checksum


I had no option but to wipe hdd clean and attempt to reinstall. Unfortunately, I was able to boot from usb and install, but after reboot, the Zorin will not boot. Just hung at black screen for 5min. I was testing other distros, but the only one that work is the Parrot. The only way for me to install Zorin is to unpack the file and remove drivers for amd,ati and radeon and then repack and install.

Well, got it working (Pro Lite).


Quick. Back it up now.

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I know what to do now. Thanks the Mint forum. if you press fn+F8 and then 4-5 times down keys+enter you get to recovery mode. Learn something new.

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