Macbook unable to connect to net Broadcom 4328

I thought this might be the right place to ask a continuation question. Newbie here, first foray into linux. I had no issues on the install. I went off the deep-end and did a clean install onto the HD, saying good-bye forever to MacOS.

However, I am having a bear of a time trying to get the wifi to work on the machine. The chip is Broadcom 4328... I have tried a few things but cannot seem to get it right. I have also downloaded the drivers from broadcom, but I don't understand how to install them. The download included a Makefile (but I don't understand how to run it.

I have tried running Zorin via a USB on my macbook pro, and I also end up with the no Wifi issue.

The catch 22 is that I have no ethernet/lan capabilities so updating/searching for drivers have to be on a 3rd machine and transferred via USB

I am a linux/terminal novice so be gentle

Are you able to connect using the HotSpot on your Mobile phone?

Open a terminal and copy and paste each command from this askubuntu thread - the post with 4 votes under the heading '2 answers' - the poster is also a macbook user:

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