Making my old G580 bootable again

I'm going to try and make my old G580 bootable so that I can attempt to reset it and install Linux again.

For those who don't know, my G580 wouldn't boot into anything (it showed a black screen) and one of the things I tried to do was replace the CMOS battery. Unfortunately, it was stuck because it the camera LED was permanently (when G580 was active) on, my fans were running, but the screen wouldn't turn on. And it was stuck there.

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.

Didn't know what category to put this in though.

Oh yes and here are the specs:

Lenovo G580 (2012)
Intel Celeron B830 @ 1.8 GHz
Intel HD Graphics (generic) (1GB VRAM)

Since you did disassemble it, to some degree, you may want to check that the monitor ribbon cable is seated properly.

How do I do that?

When you take apart the machine again, ensure the ribbon cable coming off the display is seated on the motherboard securely.

I'm going to try hooking my G580 to an exernal monitor first. Then I'll try geeting to the screen ribbon cable.

Hope it is not a dead motherboard:

Actually it can't be the display that's not plugged in, I recall the screen coming on before replacing the CMOS battery (I replaced the CMOS battery on the same day and it led to the above happening).

Oh right, I should have told you earlier, but I only took the bottom cover off, which gave me access to the CMOS battery and RAM.

I'm going to try detaching the RAM then powering it on to make sure it beeps.

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A bad ram module could halt the system, ensuring a black screen. Try placing the modules in one at a time and see if it will boot.

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