Mark this date on your calender... It took me over 20 years, but I finally played a 3D game on Linux!

Today is one for the record books folks. I have been using Windows and playing games on it since 1999. Tried Linux Mint. Tried other versions of Linux. Never got far enough to where I could actually play games on it. Always been a sticking point.

But thanks to some replies to a comment I made on Linus Tech Tips regarding PopOS, and some other articles and videos I found, I managed to get ZorinOS installed and running, with Lutris and Wine updated, then installed Minecraft and Steam. Played my first world created in Linux last night in Minecraft. No issues at all. We shall see what happens when I thrown in shaders and stuff. Still need to check the FPS too.

Yeah, it took me over 20 years, but I finally managed to play a 3D game in Linux! That's a big deal for me. If I can sort this dual boot out I can start to transition entirely to it. Most of the software I use is native to Linux anyway (Gimp, Kdenlive, Blender.)

Still some hurdles with getting NVENC working in OBS and I haven't tried recording gameplay footage. But I like Zorin - especially how well it scales and works on the 55" TV I use as a monitor. Future looks promising. I might be able to make Linux my primary operating system.

A big shout out and thanks to the folks behind the ZorinOS project!


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