Marketing campaign for Zorin Grid: Now would be the time to push?

Dear Zorin team and enthusiasts,

with Windows 10 being set be unsupported by end of 2025 there will be countless machines having no support and therefore becoming obsolete in the eyes of many which are not open to OSS.

Zorin Grid would be able to make a big push in making OSS and maintenance for organisations much much easier. Since not much is being talked about this, I just thought if we should try to start a medial push for the Zorin grid. I'd be happy to help voluntarely - not only because I'm an avid Zorin user, but also for the environment.

Looking forward to your thoughts: And happy to make a change!


Zorin Grid is high on the ZorinGroups priority list.
The much anticipated Zorin Direct Upgrade upgrader tool has recently been released after a lot of hard work went into it. They are currently also delving into the anticipated release of Zorin OS 17, which is tailing the time needed for the Upgrade Tool.

So, is it a good time to raise the issue? Really, any time is as good as any to check in on progress and remind of the anticipation and need for Zorin Grid.
You can rest assured, however, that Zorin Grid remains top of the mind with ZorinGroup and they will allot time and schedule for continuing its development as needed and available.

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I have a great use case for Zorin grid at a library in Mexico. We need to manage and lock down some public access computers, and I've yet to find a satisfactory method. Hope it is available (and affordable!) soon.

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