Meaning of "write previous changes to disk"

The example for partitioning manually shows "dev/sda" with an "ntfs" showing 53027 MB, and tells me to click on that and reduce the size. My screen shows "dev/sda1" with an "efi" of only 272 MB. I have a 500 GB hard drive, so shouldn't there be something with more than 272 MB?

NTFS is the File System used by Windows OS.
It sounds like you are describing a 53 megabyte Windows Partition.

The 272 megabyte EFI partition you describe is your Bootloader Partition.
You do not want to alter that (Though I would prefer it be closer in size to 512megabytes).
If you are dual booting just Windows and Zorin OS 272 should still be sufficient in size. If you are single booting, then 272 is more than enough.

For a more clear breakdown of your partitions and drive space, you can post a screenshot that we can see and describe what is being shown.

How do I set Zorin as the default OS? I was finally able to download Zorin alongside Windows 11, but Windows 11 is still coming up when I boot.

You can use efibootmgr to examine and change your EFI Boot order.
From Zorin OS, launch a terminal and run

sudo efibootmgr

to review your bootloaders and their order of boot.
You can change boot order with the -o flag

Let's say that efibootmgr shows Windows as Boot0001 and Zorin OS (Or Ubuntu) as
Boot0002. You only need the Last Numeral, so:

sudo efibootmgr -o 2,1

That did not work. It says there is no "efibootmgr." I installed Zorin Lite alongside Windows 11, and it said the installation was complete. Now it still boots into Windows 11, and I can't find Zorin listed anywhere as being on my laptop. When I go to the Boot tab under System Configuration, it only lists Windows 11. Is there a way to find Zorin on my laptop? Do I need to try installing it again? Something else?

It definitely sounds like Zorin OS was not installed. Did you automatic install or did you use the "Something Else" option?

Zorin did install. (I used automatic install.) If I hit the power button, Windows comes up. To get to Zorin I need to hit the power button and Esc, then hit F9, then select the Ubuntu boot option. that brings up options for both Zorin and Windows, with Zorin at the top; and it opens Zorin if I do nothing else. Even though I select the Ubuntu option, the next time I start the computer it has reverted to the Windows option. What I am trying to do is get to a point where I only have to hit the power button and Zorin comes up. In other words, I don't want to see any reference to Windows when I power up my computer.

You'll have to go into your BIOS settings and change the boot order so "Ubuntu" is at the top. Then the process will be opposite if you want to boot Windows, you'd do what you described above, but choose Windows, rather than Ubuntu.

I did that. But when I turn on my computer the next time it has automatically reverted to Windows at the top.

Another question about the forum in general: How do I post a question on a new topic? I can't find any place to click on "New question" or anything similar.

In any category, there should be a button on the top right side labeled "+ New Topic"

Is Zorin OS installed on a different drive?
Did you actively change the Grub Timeout in grub file after install or did you install Grub Customizer?

I installed Zorin on a separate partition from Windows. During installation, nothing came up about Grub Timeout or installing Grub Customizer.

Grub Customizer is an independent application made by another developer. I personally do not recommend it because it writes configurations that are stored in unexpected places - a user may be unable to revert the changes made by the customizer.

It wouldn't be offered on Zorin OS - I ask just in case it was something you sought out and installed.

Is windows Fast Startup or Fast Boot in Control Panel > Power Options disabled? It can interfere with other actions if it is enabled.
And - If Windows is not properly and fully shut down - it can prevent a user seeing grub or GnuLinux because you are not actually booting up the machine - but waking Windows out of Hibernation.

I disabled Fast Startup (Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options), and it still boots to Windows. If I go to the BIOS setup, it shows the following:
USB Boot - Enabled
Network Boot - Disabled
Legacy Support - Disabled
Secure Boot - Disabled

Do I need to click on "Clear All Secure Boot Keys"?

Under my boot manager options it shows:
The Windows Boot Manager
An ubuntu boot manager

I click on the ubuntu to open Zorin, but the Windows Boot Manager continues to be at the top.

No, since Secure Boot is disabled, that will not make any difference.

Let's back up to the efi-boot-manager

Can you boot into Zorin OS, launch terminal either from app launcher or keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+t and run


and relay exactly what output it shows?

I get:

BootCurrent: 0001
Timeout: 0 seconds
BootOrder: 2001, 0002, 3002, 0001, 2002, 2004
Boot0001* ubuntu
Boot0002* Windows Boot Manager
Boot2001* EFI USB Device
Boot3002* Internal Hard Disk or Solid State Disk

I suspect you will tell me to change the BootOrder so 0001 is first.

Your suspicion is correct. :wink:

Sorry, but it seems that every time I think I have an answer, it prompts another question. How do I change the BootOrder so 0001 is first?

You can use

sudo efibootmgr -o 1,2

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That fixed it. Thank you VERY much for your patience and persistence.


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